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PQ renewable energy originated from the need to expand services that our customers demand. Under this need, we evolve in two ways, to deliver specific training of environment and energy, increasingly necessary in today's competitive markets as we move day and offer services and renewable energy products, as social awareness and the cost savings is causing an increasing implementation of these products.


Both sides are fully encrusted in the policy of the parent company.


The use of renewable energy does not contribute to the degradation of our environment as with traditional sources of energy and contributes to real sustainable development. No pollution.


Referring to the training, you can clarify that the growing competition between companies in the labor market and the fact of living a time of crisis, in which each company must fight for survival, coupled to the plurality of supply and demand, generates a environment where you can clearly see the importance of continuous training in how to live up to the occasion. Besides courses enegías specialists renewable, environment and rural areas, has expanded the catalog to the universal base language as primary in this increasingly globalized world.

Our team

Our added value is the human and professional team


Despite being a young company, I was surprised the soundness and efficiency of his team to carry just the projects that comen.

David Mosquera

The team of foresters is current grants and subsidies that favor many customers looking to innovate on their farms, whether ranching, farming or forestry.

Jesús Ibáñez

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